NEC "BelExpo"

Republican Unitary Enterprise “National Exhibition Centre “BelExpo” is an enterprise of a republican form of ownership. The founder of the company is the Presidential Property Management Department of the Republic of Belarus.

Location of NEC “BelExpo”:
220029, Minsk, 27, Ya.Kupaly str., 27 – exhibition complex;

NEC “BelExpo” is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Belarus.

The main activity of the company is the organization of exhibitions and fairs. Nowadays NEC “BelExpo” is the biggest exhibition company in Belarus. “BelExpo”organizes more than 40% of all exhibitions held in the Republic of Belarus (36 out of 70 events in 2006, 37 out of 84 in 2007, 41 out of 90 in 2008, 45 out of 97 in 2009, 50 out of 103 in 2010, 46 out of 107 in 2011., 35 exhibitions out of 138 in 2012) planned in the National Calendar.

NEC “BelExpo” is also the organizer of two major regional exhibitions “Brest. Commonwealth” and “Your House” in Brest. 

According to the Charter RUE “National Exhibition Centre “BelExpo” carries out the following economic types of activity:
• organization of exhibitions, fairs, scientific and cultural meetings and congresses;
• design of exhibition stands;
• storage and warehousing;
• rental of owned real property;
• promotional activities

The company carries out the following licensable types of activity:
• security protection of entities and persons;
• ensuring of fire safety.

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